Three families and Jesus.

Hyde Park Church UBF started in 2005 with three families and a few college students. We had a vision and prayer to share the gospel at the University of Chicago. We sought to engage students through studying the Bible (either 1 on 1 or in groups) and to invite them to share life together in Christian community. Our desire in doing so is to know Christ and to make him known. Over the years students have come and gone and we have learned many things on the journey. As we continue to seek that his kingdom would come on earth as it is in heaven, so we pray to be a church that follows the leading of the Holy Spirit, that in all things Christ would be exalted.

Mission Statement

Through our ministry, we pray that students may encounter Jesus Christ through in-depth Bible study–Bible studies that are first internalized through a personal discipline of reflective spiritual journaling (testimony-writing), and later expressed and put to practice through meaningful fellowship in the Christian community. Our long-term vision is to equip students to become Bible teachers, Christian scholars, and world changers.

Based on this vision, we pray that the University of Chicago may become like a “University for Christ”–a place that inspires and equips students to become influential leaders for the sake of Christ in their community and beyond.

Our History

We are a non-denominational, evangelical Christian church in the Hyde Park community affiliated with University Bible Fellowship–an international campus missions organization headquartered on the north side of Chicago. In 2005, Pastor Joshua Hong, John Yoon, Renato Zapata with their families, Nicholas Williams and Wesley Jun moved to the Hyde Park area in order to plant a church that had campus ministry as its main focus. Our goal was to help serve the spiritual needs of students at the University of Chicago and the surrounding Hyde Park community. In the midst of a rigorous academic environment, our hope is to provide a family atmosphere of the Christian community in which students could study the Bible, encounter God personally, and learn what it means to live as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.